A note from Avery

I was inspired by this really industrial feel that's happening in the design world right now. The chuck is iconic, dropped in 1917 and donned in pro ball, and it's lived on to be picked up by outliers and sub cultures left and right. The chuck also defines a specific time in my early teen years, graffiti, skating and a ton of rebelling. This project was a nod to its rich history of being put to use, form and fashion, and more importantly standing as an icon then and now.

- Avery Rodriguez


Photo: Ricky Aguilera
Video: Edward Crocket
Music: Paath
Art Direction / Design: Avery Rodriguez & Aaron Stearns

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EVERYTHING / NOTHING [TEST] is a space to showcase collaborations and process work with other artists and one-off projects. Whereas some of these tests are intended for retail production, the main intent is to explore, create, and share.